Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being Our Own Role Models

When I read this title on the Daily OM all I could say was YES! This statement is so true, but do we practice this in our lives. Think about the women in your life, at every corner, do you encourage and respect them, honor their opinion, help them if they are in need, listen honestly to their problems, and lend a helping hand when you can. I think sometimes we as women have expectations about how we should be treated by other women and are usually less patient with each other because of the high expectation. I know for myself, I work on this constantly because I feel that women know other women. We have at all times experienced the same things because we are women. There is that bond of I know how you feel, I've been there. By having my Goddess Gatherings in my home, I know that I am living the talk I talk. This is such a divine calling for me, and I feel it's what I am meant to do. To connect women with each other,to talk, share and build a bond of comfort and trust with each other. These gatherings where friends come together in my home and bring their friends for the evening as well, is so important to the emotional connecting and bonding of women. So I feel that on those magical nights when we all gather together, we all are being role models for each other and how wonderful this is.

Hugs and Blessings,


Sunday, March 21, 2010


The recent passing of my father on March 4, "Daddy", as I all called him, has had a profound affect on me spiriutally to put into action my beliefs as I know them. I do believe we are all spiritual beings on this earth walking around as men and women trying to remember our lifes purpose for being here and living the life that we are spiritually suppose to live. I know that when my Daddy passed his spirit could still be felt in the room as we all were there with him to talk, touch and say our final goodbyes to his physical body. I grieved the loss of this man I knew as Daddy for many years with the disease of Alzheimer's. I knew that having this disease, he was between two world's. I know that his spirit would float in and float out of his body and you could always look in his eyes and see when this was happening. He would have a far away look, not there and I knew that he was out of his physical body. And then there were the times of lucidity and you knew he was grounded in his body. I have already experienced moments of his presence around me and knew that he was there. And yet knowing all of this and believing in life after death, I still have such a heavy feeling in my heart, the only way to describe this feeling is that my heart is broken. I know that in time, my heart will not feel as heavy. And I will be able to focus on how lucky I am to have my Daddy always watching over me. He already tells me that he is right here in my heart and will always be there. All I have to do is call his name and listen.
My sister told me that she thought about all of her siblings and the qualities that we each got from Daddy. She felt that I got the quality of always following my heart. Doing things sometimes that I could not explain, but knew that I had to do it. Daddy was that way. He would just tell us that he wanted to, or felt he needed to. This I can relate to because it's so much a part of who I am. He was also superstitious, as I am. My Daddy loved his family and loved the rituals that families create. He was strong on keeping those connections. So when I think about the gifts that I was given from my Daddy, I think of how I take care of my kids, and encourage them to live their lives and to make things happen that they want, and to work hard. These are gifts that I got from this man I called Daddy.
I know that my Daddy was a spiritual being that came from heaven, and walked on this earth as man, with a soul purpose. One of which I believe was to be my Daddy.
Hugs and Blessing to you Daddy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Warrior Woman Has Fully Awoken!

This woman has been kind, gentle,
and has much love,
All of this has been given with
the blessing of the Great Spirit above,
But Great Spirit gave her something
else and she didn't know it...
The Great Spirit gave her
the blessing of being a warrior woman
as now her light is lit!

This warrior woman has come
fully alive today,
She is no longer anyone's slave or prey,
She is taking back her life today,
And those who know who she truly is,
can stay.
No longer will she live the lives of others,
She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others
where it belongs,
For she also has the bear and wolf inside her,
which is now so very powerful
and uniquely strong.

The warrior woman now knows what road she must follow,
For others it will be to hard to swallow.
Her life was taken from her unknowingly many years ago,
And this warrior woman is taking back her life before the next winds blow.

Oh Sister Moon you give me the strength
as a warrior woman to conquer what's on my path,
high above and way beneath,
and the much needed strength to take on the wrath.

This warrior woman is fully awakened and is taking a stand,
taking the problems by the horns with my hand.
I will conquer all that is there,
all and who comes as they dare.

Warrior woman has fully awoken,
and many will see that they were mistaken
in robbing her of her life.
They as a thief, Warrior woman will conquer
and have no grief!

This warrior woman will protect her people, her son,
and those who need her.
If anyone hurts them, look out!
They will hear a GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR,
As they run and shout!

This warrior woman is taking back her life,
taking back the respect that was taken from her
throughout the years ever so slow.
This warrior woman is removing pain and hurt from within the heart
caused by the knife,
from all those who are both family and foe.

I am claiming what's mine, and my dignity,
From those who live in this society of vanity.
I am claiming back in full my heritage.
And as a warrior woman, I am going to clean up
many years of carnage.

For now standing in front of you,
you see this warrior woman... you see me.
Someone special has taught me to be free,
From this day forward for me no more slavery...
Gentleness, kindness, and love is part of me, and so is my dignity.
This is NOT WEAKNESS, as others believe.
But this strength is within me and within you.

I will listen to the spirits and grow,
I will travel in the whispering winds as they blow.
All the work I now do will be for Our People and all nations,
I will protect and guide the future generations.

Now it is time for me to travel on my new path,
As a warrior woman conquering all wrath.
If you ever see and want to meet me,
Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free.

Poem copyright © Lady J-Ann

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Woman

A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
~Diane Mariechild

I read this quote today and had to write about it. What a powerful statement about women and the power that resides within us. We have the ability to create life, nurture every aspect of that life, and while doing this we are transforming others into who they may be as they grow. Women are vessels of light, moving this power of love and light through the world. To every woman out there, do not forget the power that you hold and use this power to make a positive change in the world.
Hugs and Blessings,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Faith, Hope and Charity

I recently read on line a sentence that said, "Faith, Hope and Charity, words that can heal the Earth. I stopped and thought about how true this is at this point with the world as it is. Faith,believing that things in life will only get better and keeping that faith. Faith, when one door closes knowing that another will open and it is faith that walks you through the new door. Faith in your spiritual beliefs, that help keep you moving forward on your journey. Hope, not giving up, but looking up. There is always hope, never give up on hope. And then there is charity. Charity, giving to another of your time, your energy, your kindess, money, food, clothing, and sometimes just your smile. Charity being anything that you give that can bring warm and relief to another. These words make all of us connected. I felt so stongly about these three words that I painted them on my bar chairs in my kitchen, where everyone who comes to visit my house always sits. The three chairs my children sit in when we talk. So every person who comes in my kitchen, will see these three words and read them. And, hopefully, my faith is, they will think of something they can do to be charitable to another.
Hugs and Blessings,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It has been a while since I have written on my blog. An email from a friend reminded me of this today. It seems so often in life that we forget to stay connected, as life continues to move forward. I spent some time up at our lake house recently just reconnecting with myself. The last few months before school was out were busy and I needed to take more time for myself and did not. So not taking the time for myself to blog I now have to reconnect. So in sharing my thoughts to you, keep connected, so you don't have to reconnect!
Hugs and Blessings,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strong Women

There is a saying that I have hanging in my family room that says,
"Strong women, may we be them, may we know them, may we raise them."
As a mother this hits me every time my daughters look to me for guidance, or share a story about an event that happened during the day in which they drew up on what they know to be right and true to handle a situation. And then I look at friends that I surround myself with, who are strong women who support me and I them. I thought it so wonderful that my friend Laura P. gave me this exact saying in a little frame to me. She said, "When I saw this, I thought of you. It's so about who you are." I pointed to the plaque hanging in my family room with the saying!
We both laughed.
Think about all the traits that make a strong woman. Think about those traits in yourself.
And the next time you are in conflict with your daughter(s) think about the words you choose so that you can nurture the strength in her or them to be strong. Think about your girfriends and the qualities of strength they have that you love and admire. Surround yourself with this strength and celebrate the divine goddess within that you are.
Hugs and Blessings,